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Care Instructions

Allan K products are handcrafted using high quality leather, they deserve to be treated with care.

Here are some helpful tips to protect your leather products. 

  • Do not expose the leather to direct heat or sunlight for extended periods as this will cause tonal changes.

  • If the product is made out of buffalo leather, please avoid contact with lighter fabrics to prevent any color transferring.

  • Keep your product dry. Avoid getting it wet or damp. To clean it, simply wipe with a dry cloth.

  • Ink stains penetrate the leather and won’t come out. Pay extra attention when using ball-points pens or markers around your item.

  • Avoid rubbing, scraping or hitting it against rough surfaces.

  • Keep suede away from bright light which will fade the color. Also, keep it away from damp environments which can encourage mold and mildew.

  • If your handbag, wallet or shoes get wet, then allow the product to dry naturally.

  • Do not attempt to place it near a heat source to speed up the drying process.

  • Leather (not suede) can be rejuvenated with a leather cleaner and conditioner. Use a soft cloth and gently apply a small quantity to your product. Rub gently until the surface is shiny.

  • Do not overstuff your bag to avoid lumps and bumps.

  • Store your product in a dry, well-ventilated place away from high temperatures. Avoid using moth balls.

  • Store your handbag or wallet in a breathable bag. Avoid plastic bags which prevent air circulation.

  • There will be slight variations in texture and color that are characteristic of Genuine Leather.


We hope you will enjoy your new leather product for years to come!

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